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Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook (CLI107L)

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Last Revised: 10/29/2013

IDES developed the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook (also known as the UI Law Handbook) in response to a need for a single, comprehensive, and updated publication.  Note: this is a bookmarked, searchable 800+ page PDF.  Also navigate through the document by scrolling.

Updates to the Unemployment Insurance Act


  • Section 1400 was amended by authorizing the Director to establish rules for the electronic funds transfer of employers' contributions. This amendment establishes which employers are subject to pay by electronic funds transfer. Further, this amendment authorizes the Director to establish penalties for employers that are subject to electronic funds transfer regulations and fail to comply with such regulations.
  • Section 1402 was amended by making technical changes.
  • Section 1510 was amended by making technical changes.
  • Section 1704 was repealed.
  • Section 1801.1 was amended by eliminating the employee's projected monthly wages from the required information disclosed in new hires reports.
  • Section 1801.1 was amended by making technical changes.
  • Section 1900 was amended by updating a citation to another act.
  • Section 2105 was repealed.
  • Section 2208.1 is a newly created section that provides that either a paper or electronic return receipt issued by the U.S. Postal Service will constitute proof of service by registered or certified mail.
  • Section 2401 was amended by requiring reimbursement of any recording fees paid by the Director with respect to a lien before the Director will release the lien.
  • Section 2800 was amended by providing that an employer or person that willfully files a fraudulent quarterly wage report is guilty of a Class 4 felony if the amount of contributions owed is less than $300 and a Class 3 felony if the amount of contributions owed is $300 or more. Further, this amendment provides that an employer or person that willfully fails to honor a subpoena issued by the Department is guilty of a Class 4 felony.

Updates to the Rules of the Illinois Department of Employment Security


Each of the rules referenced here were previously promulgated as emergency rules on December 17, 2012.

  • The amendments to Part 2730 of the IDES Rules (Sections 2730.105 and .130) make technical changes to conform to the monthly reporting requirements of the Save Medicaid Access and Resources Together (SMART) Act, P.A. 97-689.
  • The amendments to Part 2732 (Section 2732.306) add references to monthly wage reporting.
  • The amendments to Part 2760 (Sections 2760.100, .110, .120, .125, .130, .135, .140, .145, and .150) reduce the threshold for mandatory electronic wage reporting and also provide for monthly wage reporting.
  • The amendment to Part 2765 (Section 2765.62) provides additional time for smaller employers to comply with the requirement that they report wages on a monthly basis.

The Handbook contains:

  • the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act and related statutes, rules, interpretive guides, and selected precedent decisions of the Board of Review (the final administrative appeals tribunal) and the Illinois appellate courts (a Digest of Adjudication Precedents).
  • detailed information pertaining to unemployment insurance needed by employers, claimants, entrepreneurs, lawyers and accountants, employer and labor organizations as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • answers to questions such as employer contributions, covered and exempt wages, independent contractors, labor disputes, purchase and sale of a business, tax calculations and liability of employers, government entities and non-profit organizations and their responsibilities under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act.
  • information about appeals procedures and benefit eligibility.
  • and more.