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Contact IDES

To contact IDES via the web, please use our online Contact Form.

Regular IDES business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, except for state holidays.  Visit a local IDES office nearest you, get a printer-friendly list of Employment Security Offices & WorkNet Centers, a map of IDES Regions and Offices, or find a TTY number.

Information for Individuals (EmployersOthers):

Reason for Calling Numbers & Services Offered Options
Questions related to an Unemployment Claim:

(800) 244-5631

(866) 322-8357 TTY

For questions about an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim, address change, appeal, Direct Deposit, expired password, Extended Benefits, tax form 1099, or other IDES services for individuals.
  • Option 1 - Living in Illinois and would like to update your claim information
  • Option 2 - Living out of state and need to file a claim
  • Option 3 - Lost, stolen, or damaged Debit Card
Questions related to an Unemployment Appeal:

(800) 244-5631

(866) 322-8357 TTY

For individuals who have been scheduled for an Appeal hearing.

  • Option 4 - submenu:
  • Option 1 - Provide or update information for a hearing
  • Option 2 - Board of Review
All other questions about your unemployment claim

(800) 244-5631

(866) 322-8357 TTY

  • Option 5
  • Option # - Repeat
Job seekers calling for assistance with

(877) 342-7533

Help desk for login information (username and password), error messages, or navigating your job search.

  • Option 1 - Job Seeker

Calling to Certify for Benefits? Use Tele-Serve

Monday - Friday, 5:00 AM - 7:30 PM, including state holidays.

(312) 338-4337

The best way to certify for benefits is the internet. You can certify for benefits online by going here.

  • Option 1 - Claim weeks of benefits (certify)
  • Option 2 - Reopen a claim
  • Option 3 - Check the status of your claim
  • Option 4 - Establish or change your PIN

Debit Card

Red Chase Debit MasterCard

(866) 728-2167

Customer service: to report lost, stolen, or damaged cards.

Legal Services Program

Limited free legal services at IDES administrative hearings

Toll free: (800) 884-6591 or

TTY: (866) 848-5609

Out-of-State callers (not toll-free): (847) 991-9240

If your Social Security number ends in 0 through 4
Legal Services Program

Toll free: (888) 430-1776 or

TTY (not toll-free): (312) 640-1264 or

Out-of-State callers (not toll-free), (312) 640-1776

If your Social Security number ends in 5 through 9
Responding to a letter from:
Benefit Collections Units (800) 245-9762
  • Option 1 - Benefit repayment letters or statements of indebtedness
  • Option 2 - Received Notice of a State or Federal Tax Offset
  • Option 3 - Bankruptcy
Special Investigations Unit - Reporting Benefit Fraud

(800) 814-0513

For reporting individuals fraudulently receiving unemployment benefits.

  • Option 2 - Claimant
New Hire Unit (888) 776-7708
  • Option 2 - Claimant
Benefit Accuracy Measurement Unit (800) 572-4215
24 Hour Tax Withholding Fax Line

(630) 495-8199

To change your withholding status on your current claim, please complete the TAX-2 form, then sign and fax to the number listed above.

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To contact IDES via the web, please use our online Contact Form

Information for Employers:

Reason for Calling Numbers & Services Offered Options
Employer Support Hotline:

(800) 247-4984

(866) 212-8831 TTY

Basic services in the Employer Service Center: general tax information, answers to common questions, forms and filing assistance.

Special services:  the Employer Service Center also handles refunds, assistance for special tax situations, payment processing and questions about SIDES registration.

Fax: 312-793-6296

  • Option 1 - Employer Appeal or Protest
  • Option 2 - Employer tax information and assistance with forms
  • Option 3: Electronic quarterly tax filing and SIDES registration
  • Option 4 - Tax refunds
  • Option 5 - PEO or Employee Leasing compliance issues
  • Option 6 - Pay UI taxes using a debit or credit card
Employers calling for assistance with and No Cost Human Resource Solutions:

(877) 342-7533 option 2


Help desk for login information (username and password), account approval, posting job orders, resume searches, finding ideal candidates, inquiries regarding federal contract compliance.

TaxNet and SIDES Registration Hotline:

(866) 274-5697

Employers can create a secure Web account to file required reports, pay taxes and maintain accounts with IDES and the Illinois Department of Revenue. Employers can also register for SIDES e-response to enable electronic claims protests and receive notice of claims via email.

Fax: 312-793-2362

Magnetic media, such as, diskette, CD or cartridge will no longer be accepted after the second quarter of 2013.

312-793-1137 (magnetic media unit)

New Hire Reporting:

(800) 327-4473

Employers report new employees within 20 days of the employee's first day on the payroll, to help enforce child support orders.

(217) 557-1947 (24-hour fax line)

  • Option 1
Zero Wage Filing:

(800) 793-6860

Employers with no wages may file their QUARTERLY report by telephone.

This hotline is for filing quarterly zero wage reports only. If you are filing a monthly zero wage report you must use TaxNet.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

State Bonding Coordinator

(312) 793-2913 - both programs:

WOTC provides federal tax savings to employers who hire people from certain target groups, including public assistance recipients, veterans, youth and ex-felons.

Fidelity Bonding protects employers against employee dishonesty, theft or embezzlement.

Fax: 312-793-5151

Responding to a letter from:
New Hire Unit: (888) 776-7708
  • Option 1
Special investigations Unit (800) 814-0513
  • Option 1
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To contact IDES via the web, please use our online Contact Form.

General Information:

Purpose for Calling Numbers & Services Offered Options
Labor Market Information

(877) 566-6230

Use the general information hotline for surveys, careers, and labor market questions. 

  • Option 1 - submenu:
    • Option 1 - Calling to respond to a survey
    • Option 2 - Career information
    • Option 3 - All other labor market information
  • Option # - Repeat options
Fraud Reporting

(877) 566-6230

To report cases of improper collection of benefits, or improper classification of workers.

  • Option 2 - submenu:
  • Option 1 - Individual
  • Option 2 - Employer
Press & Media Inquiries (877) 566-6230
  • Option 3
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