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Painter/Drywall Finisher

The Northern Illinois Painters, Decorators, Glaziers and Drywall Finishers JATC
2175 Rochester Drive
Aurora, IL 60506
Phone (630) 966-1451

Painters apply coats of paint, varnish, staining, enamel, or lacquer to decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces, trimmings, and fixtures of buildings and other structures. Additionally, they may also prepare and cover room interior walls and ceilings with wallpaper, fabrics, vinyl's, and other materials. Drywall finishers perform taping, surfacing, and finishing of all drywall surfaces.

Basic Requirements

  • Must live in Northeast Illinois EXCLUDING the counties of Lake and Cook, Will and Grundy.
  • Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have filed for citizenship.
  • Must have a doctor's note stating that you are in good health and physically able to perform the duties of a painter/drywall finisher.

How to Apply

  • Complete the application form and return it to an AIC representative in an IDES office nearest you. When you apply you will need to fill out their application. Call before going to pick up an application.
  • Applicants meeting all requirements will be interviewed by the committee.
  • The number of applicants accepted into the program will be determined by the demand for labor.


  • Must be able to work at high levels with ladders and scaffolds.
  • Must be able to lift and carry at least 80 pounds.
  • Must be able work in confined spaces.

Recommended Preparatory Classes

  • General mathematics and writing classes.

Work Experience

(Helpful but not necessary for acceptance)

  • Previous experience with painting/drywall contractor is beneficial.

Working Conditions

  • Painters work both inside and out.

Length of Apprenticeship

  • Three (3) years - Minimum of 432 hours of classroom instruction.
  • Apprentices attend school every third Saturday during all three years of the program.
  • Apprentices must receive on-the-job training for five days per week.

Wage Information

  • 1 st 6 months 40% of journeyman's wage
  • 2nd 6 months 45% of journeyman's wage
  • 3rd 6 months 50% of journeyman's wage
  • 4th 6 months 55% of journeyman's wage
  • 5th 6 months 70% of journeyman's wage
  • 6th 6 months 85% of journeyman's wage
  • Journeyman level 100% of journeyman's wage
  • Average Journeyman's wage rate = $28.50/Hr (06/01)


  • Health & Welfare, Pension