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Employers April Newsletter


Illinois Department of Employment Security

Message from the Director of IDES

From Job Fairs To Hiring Events

Job fairs are part of the job search landscape.

Job seekers pacing up-and-down the aisles, hoping for an opportunity. Hoping that their resume will be noticed. Hoping for a chance.

Certainly, job fairs will continue. However, the IDES is making a concerted effort to transform job fairs into Hiring Events.

Hiring Events like the one we just had that featured 152 immediate job offers and 577 on-site interviews.

Key to this event's success was IDES' innovative pre-registration and outreach effort. IDES leveraged its help-wanted hiring website to feature 63 businesses with 415 job openings. IDES called 21,000 Veterans to gather resumes. IDES then matched the skills in those resumes with the skills businesses were looking for before the hiring event. IDES then worked with businesses to identify Veterans to interview at the event.

We know Illinois businesses are hiring. More than 100,000 help-wanted ads are posted on More than 60,000 resumes are available for review. is the state's employment website that links job seekers with employers. Keyword matching technology increases the likelihood of a successful new hire and compares favorably to private efforts that cost hundreds of dollars for a single advertisement. IDES' no-cost HR recruitment services are available at the website and at (877) 342-7533.

Jay Rowell, DirectorJay Rowell, Director
Illinois Department of Employment Security

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The Affordable Care Act: Jobs and Health Insurancehealthlink

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will greatly expand health insurance coverage in Illinois.

It also will create thousands of new jobs across our great state.

We must be smart in how we launch this historic effort. That is why Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, will lead the Health Care Workforce Workgroup to assess and plan for the jobs that will be needed as well as the health care needs of our aging population. The Department of Employment Security, as well as others, also will participate.

What jobs will ACA bring? Certainly medical technicians, nurses and IT are among the many positions that will be needed.

The workgroup will examine the existing health care workforce and identify the skills that will need to be developed now and when coverage begins in January 2014.

The workgroup will augment Illinois' Health Care Reform Implementation Council created after President Obama signed the ACA into law on March 23, 2010. The Council, led by Senior Health Care Policy Adviser Michael Gelder, includes all of our state's health care, human services and economic development agencies.

Long-term strategic planning will be needed to realize the full benefits of the Affordable Care Act, an idea with roots in both major political parties. That is why I'm encouraged by involvement at the local level. The Illinois Workforce Investment Board (IWIB) voted March 14, 2013, to re-constitute its Health Care Taskforce to develop a strategic plan for a sustainable labor force to meet the health care needs of our residents. The taskforce will allow for a more complete exchange of ideas and build upon the current work of our Illinois Pathways, Health Sciences and STEM Learning Exchange.

Pat Quinn, GovernorPat Quinn, Governor
State of Illinois


Patience, PleasePatience, please

April is one of the busiest months at IDES when it comes to serving our business customers.

It's a busy month for our customers, too.

That's why we ask for a little patience.

As the recession ebbs, funding for our nearly 100 percent federally funded department is reduced. This funding reduction, coupled with increased personnel costs, has led to a reduction of staff at IDES. We are working hard to modernize our systems to better assist your needs. In the interim, as we try to answer your questions, we might need a little extra time. We want to be respectful of your time, which is why we are letting you know now, before you pick up the telephone to call.

Telephone Changes

telephone changes

Is your business located outside Chicago and the suburbs? Then up-coming telephone changes might affect you.

Your revenue division at IDES always is searching for efficiencies that also will improve customer service. One that is on the horizon is to consolidate some telephone numbers.

Businesses that called Springfield help-desk numbers (217) 782-2790, as well as fax numbers (217) 524-0646 and (217) 524-9497 should take note of this change. These 217 numbers soon will be turned off. Replacing them will be the new customer service number (312) 793-5000 and fax (312) 793-5009.

These telephone numbers are frequently used to communicate about debit or credit statements, rate notices, and other questions related to finance.

Why the change? Businesses need to operate more efficiently, and so does government. Being good stewards of taxpayer money is part of our role to help businesses grow in Illinois.

If you Cheated the IDES, We'll Talk with the IRS

Don't cheat

Income taxes. Some embrace the yearly ritual as their contribution to our country. Others, well, not so much. And then there are those who do everything they can to skirt the law.

Take unemployment cheats, for example.

Cheating the unemployment insurance program hurts everyone. That is why IDES garnishes income tax refunds from people who knowingly cheat the program. It also is why business owners can be fined if they knowingly misstate the money they owe the unemployment insurance program.

These anti-fraud efforts protect workers who play by the rules. It also protects unemployment insurance benefits.

Last year, IDES recovered more than $44 million from 20,000 people who wrongfully collected unemployment. And IDES confiscated tax refunds of those who refused an offer of a repayment plan. IDES will garnish tax refunds again this year. We've already asked the IRS to seize more than $226 million from 71,000 people. As tax day arrives, we expect that number to increase.

We are criminally prosecuting fraud. We are holding businesses personally liable for knowingly misstating the unemployment taxes they owe. And we're clawing back money from those who cheated. Every dollar shielded from fraud and every dollar clawed back protects workers who play by the rules.

To report fraud, please call (312) 793-8333 or by clicking here.

Did You Know…

Did You Know?

The unemployment rate measures people who are out of work and looking for work.

It does not reflect the number of people collecting unemployment insurance.

A person who exhausts benefits, or is ineligible, still will be reflected in the unemployment rate if they actively seek work.

The same is true for every state in our country.

Words To the Wise

The Chargeable Employer is financially responsible for paying a worker's regular state unemployment insurance benefits. Employers are not charged for federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

In most cases, the Chargeable Employer is the business that last employed the worker for at least 30 days, and who separated the worker, or reduced the worker's hours, thereby prompting the unemployment.

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