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Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker Program

The Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) program offers employment services to individuals who are legally eligible to work in the United States and of legal age to perform services for wages.

Each IDES office and WorkNet Center offer Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFW) a full range of employment services. Offices designated as "Significant MSFW Offices" provide bilingual Outreach Worker staff trained to provide specific U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration MSFW-mandated program services. The Illinois "Significant Offices" also provides or arranges for field outreach and service to MSFW's. Click for Outreach List.

All Illinois IDES offices make arrangements and coordinates with partner organizations, public, and private groups providing similar services, for MSFW program assistance. For further assistance, contact the Illinois Migrant Council, our primary partner, Esperanza Gonzalez at

MSFW Help and Resources
Outreach workers are trained to assist with:
  • Child Care Information
  • Educational Resources and Training Program Networks
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Legal Assistance
  • Emergency Needs Resources
  • Federal, State and Local Compliance Administrators

Steps to Enroll

  1. Complete the Illinois JobLink Enrollment form.
  2. Choose a method to submit your completed application:
    1. Drop it off at an IDES office; or 
    2. MAIL to: 33 S. State St., Chicago, Illinois 60603
      Attn: Rosa Flores
    3. Email; or  fax 815-756-6523 .
  3. Visit Illinois JobLink today!
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