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IDES Newsletter - November

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Message from the Director of IDES


Welcome to the second installment of our newsletter. These e-mails are designed to re-introduce you to the Illinois Department of Employment Security and show you how the IDES is your employment office. You received this note because you provided the e-mail address to the IDES.

These are exciting and challenging times. Exciting because there are unrealized opportunities available to workers, job seekers and business leaders; challenging because even as our economy improves, not everyone has mustered the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities.

Today's edition features information to help you better use the IDES. We explain that the IDES is nearly 100 percent federally funded and what that means to you; we re-introduce you to some basic services that will help advance your job search or reach your company's goals; and we share with you our on-going efforts to re-connect Veterans to civilian employment in a way that saves you money.

Seven times. Seven times in the preceding paragraph I wrote the word 'you' or 'your.' That's no accident. Since being appointed Director almost 18 months ago, I have focused on three main priorities: to turn the IDES into the state's employment office; improve our customer service; and crack down on waste fraud and abuse.

Gov. Quinn gave me those priorities, but he and I both know that our success begins with YOU.


Jay Rowell, DirectorJay Rowell, Director
Illinois Department of Employment Security

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Illinois Hires Heroes Helps Business Owners And Our Vets

Illinois Hires HeroesFor me, November always will be about Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

It is fitting that the special holidays are so close to each other. As Veterans Day ceremonies still echo in our ears and our eyes turn toward Thanksgiving, my thoughts turn to how we might help place our Veterans and our business owners in the best position to succeed.

Certainly, you already are aware of our Statewide Veteran Job Fairs. The five-year effort has been successful in drawing attention to Veteran employment issues. Through, we have connected Veterans with employers across our state.

Lesser known, but equally compelling, is our Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium.

This innovative new program is designed to further connect Veterans with Veteran-friendly businesses. Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium (IHHC) is a business alliance where owners agree to implement a series of Veteran recruitment, training and retention practices. Consortium members are then rewarded through no-cost recruitment of Veterans and the ability to exclusively display the IHHC logo, which will be a tell-tale sign to consumers that the company meets specific goals to actively hire and support Veterans.

Additionally, IHHC members will be displayed prominently on websites and materials operated by the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs, which will jointly administer the Consortium. To qualify, employers must meet specific goals with regard to recruiting practices, human resource training, and retention and support practices. Business can apply at

Our Veterans are the best trained in the world. Our business owners are the backbone of our growing economy. Bringing them together helps our returning soldiers find civilian work, helps our entrepreneurs identify expert talent, and helps our residents patronize stores and operations that are proven to be Veteran friendly.

Our military members and their families have sacrificed so much. It is our duty to help them reintegrate into our civilian society. Thank you for joining me in doing so.

Pat Quinn, Governor


Pat Quinn

Governor of Illinois

Hire-A-Veteran Month Exceeds Expectations, Success

Hire a VeteranNovember marks the annual installment of Statewide Veteran Job Fairs sponsored by the Illinois Department of Employment Security and local organizations throughout our great state.
This year, nine career expos were held across Illinois to help Veterans and businesses specifically looking to hire Veterans. These efforts are in addition to hiring efforts that continue throughout the year. In 2011, for example, the IDES helped nearly 47,000 Veterans review their skills and look for work.
Veterans make loyal employees because they respect authority, embrace responsibility and thrive in a team environment. They emphasize group goals over individual accolades. They understand technology, have the ability to learn, and have experience in such fields as manufacturing, construction and logistics.
Earlier this year, Gov. Quinn and the Legislature increased the state income tax credit to up to $5,000 for each qualified Veteran who is hired. Additionally, employers might qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $4,800 through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
Prior to the fairs, Veterans and employers were able to visit, the revamped IDES help-wanted website. This no-cost, on-line career resource allows individuals to create multiple resumes that emphasize different talents and allows businesses to search for specific skills. The keyword matching technology increases the likelihood of a successful new hire.
To our Veterans, thank you for your services. To our business leaders, thank you for hiring Veterans.

IDES' Business Employment Team Is Your No-Cost HR Recruiting Team (877) 342-7533

The IDES is your employment office. Our no-cost HR recruiting will help you find your next new hire.
Let us show you.
One of IDES' greatest success stories is helping Aon Insurance fill 100 open positions and cutting their training time in half.
Aon planned to seek resumes, interview and hire 100 qualified candidates, and then train them to earn their insurance license.
Using, the IDES Business Services Team found for Aon qualified candidates who already had insurance licenses.
In other words, using Employment Security, Aon saved thousands of dollars in potential training costs and got to market faster.
We identified the employees.
We made the calls.
We set up the interviews.
Aon did the hiring.
Your IDES Business Services Team can do the same for your business - at no cost.
There are more than 72,000 resumes and 120,000 help-wanted ads posted to
Jobseekers can post multiple resumes highlighting different skills and criteria. For example, it allows Veterans to identify their resumes with an American Flag. That allows companies to specifically look for Veterans and leverage the available tax incentives.
Business leaders can access IDES' no-cost HR recruitment services at or by calling (877) 342-7533. The businesses-services team can assist employers with hiring individuals and evaluating what tax incentives might be available, such as the $5,000 state tax credit for hiring qualified Veterans.

Watch the Federal Budget When Using IDES Services

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is nearly 100 percent federally funded.

That is important to know. When watching how government spending touches you and your relationship with the IDES, your eyes should focus on Washington D.C., not your city hall or state capital.

The money IDES receives from the federal government helps determine what re-employment services we provide and where we provide them. Because that funding is volatile, we continue to look for alternative ways to deliver services. 

At the IDES, all of our primary services are available on-line.

About half of all workers use the internet to apply for unemployment insurance. About half also choose to receive their payment through direct deposit. These percentages continue to rise.

Additionally, job seekers can use the internet to explore re-training services. Business leaders can identify helpful workshops and tax information as well as deliver the required correspondence electronically.

We know federal funding cuts will continue, and we have acted appropriately. We look at our budget much like you look at yours - because at the end of the day, it is your money. Know that the decisions we make to safeguard your dollars are difficult and that the impact on delivering services will be as limited as possible.

Also know that we continue to meet with federal lawmakers to re-introduce them to the IDES and to better understand their priorities.

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