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With Illinois TaxNet you can file monthly or quarterly UI contribution and wage reports, pay UI taxes by using the secure online application, view UI account information and much more.

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Frequently Used Forms and Publications

Some of the most frequently used forms and publications by employers are provided below, covering topics and specific questions that often come up when doing business with IDES. If you have more specific questions, please contact us.

Title Description Languages Format File Size
Employer's Contribution (Tax) and Wage Report - Quarterly (UI-3/40) Employer's Contribution and Wage Report - Quarterly Form (Form UI-3/40) English PDF 394.79 KB
Fast Facts for Employers Quick summary of IDES information for employers. English PDF 654.55 KB
Employer's Claim for Adjustment or Refund (UI-28) An employer may file a claim for adjustment/refund not later than three years after the date upon which any contributions,interest or penalties were paid erroneously. English PDF 60.39 KB
Power of Attorney / Special Mailing Form (LE-10, UI-1M) The Power of Attorney (POA) form authorizes a representative to act on behalf of an employer, and the Special Mailing form allows IDES correspondence to be sent to locations other than the business address. The forms are frequently used together. English PDF 353.33 KB
Benefit Charge (BEN-118 or BEN-118R) Protest: Application for Revision of Benefit Charges Form An employer who was determined to be the chargeable employer is mailed a notification identifying the worker, number of weeks collected and the total charge amount at the end of each quarter. English PDF 630.75 KB
Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook (CLI107L) IDES developed the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook in response to a need for a single, comprehensive, and updated publication. English PDF 6.53 MB
Request for Reconsideration of Claims Adjudicator's Determination and if Applicable Appeal to the Referee (ADJ024F) This form may used by the claimant or employer to appeal an adjudicator's determination and by the claimant if he/she disagrees with the U.I. Wage Finding. English PDF 432.57 KB
Report to Determine Liability under the Unemployment Insurance Act (for New Employer, UI-1 Form) An employing unit must file the Report to Determine Liability even though it may not be liable for payments under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (the Act). English PDF 265.9 KB
Preparing For Your Appeal Hearing (APL100L) This pamphlet provides claimants and employers with important information about the appeal hearing and the decision of the Referee. English PDF 321.37 KB
2013 State Experience Factor and Employers' UI Contribution (Tax) Rate (EA-50 Report) The minimum employer contribution (tax) rate for 2013 is 0.550%, while the maximum is 8.950%. The first $12,900 of wages paid to a worker in calendar year 2013 are taxable. English PDF 921.19 KB
Annual Employer Contribution (Tax) Rates Information on rates, components, calculations and an historical chart. English PDF
New Hire Reporting Form Employers are required to report new employees to the New Hire Directory within 20 days of the employee's first day on the payroll (twice monthly if reporting magnetically). English PDF 722.19 KB