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FAQs by Employers

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) provided below highlight topics and specific questions that employers often ask IDES.

Questions Answers
Are you a new employer and need to register or file with IDES? If so, your newly created employing unit must file via TaxNet or with a UI-1 form with IDES within 30 days of start-up...
How do I file my Quarterly report via TaxNet? If you are a new user to TaxNet click here to create an account.
How do I file my Monthly Report via TaxNet? If you are a new user to TaxNet click here to create an account.
What are the Quarterly Filing Requirements for Employers?

Employers must file wage reports (Form UI-3/40) and pay contributions in the month after the close of each calendar quarter - that is, on or before April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31...

Effective 3rd Quarter 2013

The Rules of the Illinois Department of Employment Security (56 Ill. Code 2760.140) have been changed to require employers with 25 or more employees during the prior calendar year to file their Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (UI-3/40) electronically.

Magnetic media, such as, diskette, CD or cartridge will no longer be approved filing methods for Quarterly Reports after the second quarter of 2013.

As an employer, what are my options for paying UI taxes? Options for paying UI taxes...
What Are Employer Contribution (Tax) Rates? State Experience Factor & Employers' UI Contribution Rates (EA-50)...
Which browser works best with TaxNet?

The website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8 and above. Select the Download button below to be directed to the Internet Explorer download site.

Download Internet Explorer

How do I find out my username or password for Illinois JobLink? Call the Illinois JobLink Help Desk. For both username or password retrieval, you'll be asked for the employer FEIN in order to locate the account.
Are you a Small Employer? An employer whose contribution rate is 5.4% or higher and whose total quarterly wages are less than $50,000 pays contributions at 5.4% in that quarter...
Will employers be able to submit unemployment benefit claim protests electronically? In early 2013, IDES plans to implement the SIDES E-Response website. For employers with a limited number of UI claims throughout the year, the SIDES E-Response website provides an easy and efficient portal for electronically posting responses in a secure, electronic and nationally-standardized format in which they can easily respond to UI information requests, attach documentation when needed and receive a date-stamped confirmation of receipt.
What is a benefit charge protest (a BEN-118 or BEN-118R)? An employer who was determined to be the chargeable employer is mailed a notification identifying the worker, number of weeks collected and the total charge amount at the end of each quarter. If the former worker collected benefits, a taxable or reimbursable employer can contest these charges.
How are unemployment rates calculated? The national unemployment rate is produced through a monthly household survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...
Where do I send my New Hire report? Illinois New Hire Directory, P.O. Box 19473, Springfield, IL, 62794-9473 or fax data to: 1-217-557-1947 (24-hour fax line)...
What if I have another question not listed here? For questions not addressed here, type a keyword or phrase in the search box at the top of the page, see more FAQs, or contact us.