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Licensing Worker (Child Welfare Agency)

Occupation Licensing Worker (Child Welfare Agency)
Agency Department of Children and Family Services
Phone 217.785.2688
Job Description An individual who is authorized to monitor licensed foster homes, adoptive homes, and licensed day care homes for compliance with licensing standards.
Statute Rule 401: Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies
Type of Regulation Approval for employment in a licensed child welfare agency
Number Regulated Unknown
Age No requirement
Education/Experience Bachelor's degree from an accredited school
Exam Must pass examination on the Child Care Act of 1969 [225 ILCS 10] and the licensing rules of the facility type to be monitored.
Exam Type Review of qualifications through transcripts
Administered As requested
Exam Fee NA
Passing Criteria NA
Repeats No limit
Continuing Education No requirement
Citizenship No requirement
Note Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee NA
License Fee
Renewal Fee NA
Reinstatement Fee NA
License Period NA
Reciprocity/Endorsement NA