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Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Unemployment insurance is a state-operated insurance program designed to partially replace lost wages when you are out of work. Like fire, accident, health and other types of insurance, it is for an emergency: when you are temporarily or permanently out of a job, or if you work less than full time because of lack of work.

The program ensures that, if you meet the eligibility requirements  of the law, you will have some income while you are looking for a job, up to a maximum of 26 full weeks in a one-year period, depending on when the claim was established. Unemployment insurance, however, cannot and does not protect you against wage losses while you are absent from work due to illness or while you are idle by choice.

Unemployment Insurance Help and Resources
File for Unemployment Insurance
Filing options:
  1. File Online: You will be prompted to login, which requires you to create an online username and password or;
  2. File In-person: Use the IDES office locator to find an office nearest you.

Be sure to have all necessary information ready when filing your claim, either online or in person.

Click here if you are filing for unemployment insurance and live out of state.

Certify for Weekly Benefits

On your scheduled certification day, the best way to certify for benefits is the internet. You can certify for benefits online by going here. These services are available Monday - Friday from 05:00AM to 07:30PM.

Certifications are done every two weeks on your assigned call day.

Form: Work Search Record PDF 

By telephone: Tele-Serve (English & Spanish) PDF

Payment Information:
Additional Information & Forms
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