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What are your work search requirements?

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Last Revised: 2/1/2012

You must search for work and document your activities in order to collect Unemployment Insurance benefits.

You must actively look for work each week you certify for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) offers resources to help maximize your job search. Take advantage of these no-cost resources and work with IDES to develop an effective work search plan that suits your needs.

Searching for work is not an easy task, but IDES resources are there to help you.  More information is available on the website.

Did you know?

  • Through IDES, you have access to many of the same resources that private employment agencies provide, but at no cost to you.
  • While you're keeping in touch with IDES, you can learn about how the agency can help you return to work through job referrals, job fairs, resume building, apprenticeships, Veteran programs and re-employment services.
  • Many UI claimants do not have an effective plan for searching for work. IDES is a great place to learn about different kinds of jobs, their availability, and how to obtain training for a new career path. Contact IDES for more information and assistance with planning an effective work search.
  • All claimants are required to document their work search activities.
  • In order to collect benefits, you must continually certify that you are able, available, and willing to accept suitable work. Possible conflicts such as attending school during work hours, travel, or limitations with child care or transportation could limit your work availability and cause an eligibility issue. Remember to report such issues on your claim and / or certification forms.

For more information please visit the website or call (800) 244-5631.