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Environmental Health Practitioner

Occupation Environmental Health Practitioner
Agency IDFPR - Division of Professional Regulation
Phone 217.782.8556
Job Description A person who, by virtue of education and experience in the physical, chemical, biological, and environmental health sciences, is especially trained to organize, implement, and manage environmental health programs; is trained to carry out education and enforcement activities for the promotion and protection of public health and the environment; and is licensed as an environmental health practitioner.
Statute The Environmental Health Practitioner Licensing Act (225 ILCS 37/1 - 37/135, Inclusive)
Type of Regulation License
Number Regulated 410
Age No requirement
  1. Graduate from a bachelor's degree program, which is approved by the National Environmental Health Services and Protection Accreditation Council; or,
  2. Graduate from a bachelor's degree program approved by the department and 12 months of full-time experience with an approved supervisor; or, 
  3. Graduate from a master's degree program in public health or environmental health services.
Exam Environmental Health Proficiency Exam
Exam Type Written
Administered March and September
Exam Fee $177.97
Passing Criteria 68% or higher
Repeats Yes
Continuing Education 20 hours of continuing education required during pre-renewal period - effective April 2000.
Citizenship No requirement
Note Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee $100.00 by examination and acceptance of examination; $100.00 by endorsement
License Fee
Renewal Fee $120.00 every two years
Reinstatement Fee $20.00 plus payment of all lapsed renewal fees not to exceed $600.00
License Period Two years (All licenses expire on April 30 of every even-numbered year.)
Reciprocity/Endorsement Yes.
  1. Must show proof of approved education requirements;
  2. Must show proof of successful completion of the Environmental Health Exam;
  3. Proficiency exam;
  4. Must submit verification of completion of 12 hours of full-time experience if the bachelor's degree program is not approved by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council;
  5. Must show proof of original and current licensure for these licensure jurisdictions.