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IFPN: Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network

Governor Quinn's Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN) is a FREE, one-stop resource to connect homeowners with important tools, including access to counseling services, legal advice, mortgage assistance programs, foreclosure prevention events, and tips on how to avoid mortgage fraud.

Illinois residents who are having trouble paying their mortgage, facing foreclosure or know someone who is should reach out to IFPN as soon as possible by visiting, or by calling the IFPN hotline at 1-855-KEEP-411. A list of upcoming outreach events is also available at the website.

Before certifying, are you aware of common mistakes made by UI claimants?

Maintain your eligibility for current and future unemployment insurance benefits by familiarizing yourself with the following common mistake or misunderstanding. 

Examples of UI Fraud include situations where an individual:

  • Returns to work but continues to collect UI benefits
  • Works at a part-time job but does not report their earnings to IDES, thereby collecting more benefits than are allowed
  • Works odd jobs while collecting UI benefits but does not report the earnings when filing his or her weekly claim

Violators could face:

  • Large fines and penalties
  • Prison sentences
  • Offset against State and Federal income tax returns
  • Loss of future UI benefits