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Certified Nursing Assistant

Occupation Certified Nursing Assistant
Agency Department of Public Health
Phone 217.785.5133
Job Description A person who assists with the personal or nursing care of an individual.
Statute Home Health Agency Licensing Act 210 ILCS 55; Illinois Home Health Agency Code, 77 Ill. Adm. Code 245, Nursing Home Care Act, 210 ILCS 45; Ill Adm. Code 395
Type of Regulation Registration
Number Regulated 270,000
Age 16
  1. Completion of eight (8) years of grade school or proof of equivalent knowledge; and,
  2. Successful completion of approved basic nursing assistant training program or equivalent training.
  1. Manual Skills Competency Examination (MSCE),
  2. Written Competency Examination (WCE)
Exam Type Written/performance (hands-on)

a. MCSE: after successful completion of program,

b. WCE: through Illinois community colleges statewide on a monthly basis

Exam Fee

a. MCSE: no fee,

b. WCE: $60.00 (subject to change)

Passing Criteria Standardized
Repeats Three (3) repeats
Continuing Education No requirement
Citizenship No requirement
Other Illinois State Police criminal background check with no disqualifying convictions unless a waiver is granted and no administrative findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident property.
Note Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee NA
License Fee
Renewal Fee NA (Recertification: a. Training program (training sponsor sets fees) and Written Competency Exam $60.00 (subject to change); or, b. Testing only: Written Competency Exam $60.00 (subject to change) and Manual Skills Competency Exam (fees are set by approved evaluator who administers test).
Reinstatement Fee NA
License Period Indefinite so long as aide does not have a continuous period of 24 consecutive months that he/she does not work for pay providing nursing related services.
Reciprocity/Endorsement Yes, under the following condition: Must meet federal standards. Documentation of current registration from another state indicating the federal requirements (42 CFR 483.151-483.156 October 1, 1997) have been met and there are no documented findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident property.