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Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (CLI106L)

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Last Revised: 12/1/2011

The Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (the UI Act) was enacted to provide partial protection to workers against the loss of wages when they are out of work due to a lack of opportunities. For this reason, contributions and payments in lieu of contributions are required from certain employers to maintain the fund used to pay benefits to the unemployed workers who meet the eligibility requirements of the law.

IDES developed the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook, which contains the Act, in response to a need for a single, comprehensive, and updated publication.  Note: this is an 805 page PDF, which can be searched; scroll up or down to move through the document.

The Handbook provides interested parties with:

  • the Illinois Unemployment Insurance statutes (the UI Act) and related laws,
  • the Rules of the Department (from the Illinois Administrative Code),
  • interpretive guides,
  • selected precedent decisions of the Board of Review (the final administrative appeals tribunal) and the Illinois appellate courts, and
  • a Digest Of Adjudication Precedents.