Occupation:Barber Teacher
Agency:IDFPR - Division of Professional Regulation
Job Description:<p>'An individual who provides instruction in the theory and practice of barbering, which includes styling, arranging, dressing, curling, waving, straightening, cleaning, singeing, epilating, depilating, shampooing, marcelling, chemical restructuring, bleaching, tinting, coloring or similar work upon the hair or cranial prosthesis of any person; shaving or trimming the beard of any person; and giving relaxing facial or scalp massages or treatments with oils, creams or other preparations either by hand or by mechanical appliances.</p><p>The individual may also practice as a barber.</p>
Statute:The Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology Act; (225 ILCS, 1996 410/1-1 -410/4-23, Inclusive 68 Ill. Admin. Code 1175)
Type of Regulation:License
Number Regulated:148
Education/Experience:Must be of good moral character;High school graduate or equivalent;Must hold an unencumbered active barber license;Three (3) years of practical experience as a barber;500 hours of teacher training in an approved barber school extending over a period of not less than three (3) months and not more than two (2) years or 1,000 hours of teachers training extending over a period of not less than six (6) months nor more than two (2) years in an approved barber school.
Exam:Barber Licensing Exam. Vendor: the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Inc. (NICS). Administered by the Continental Testing Services, Inc.
Exam Type:Written
Administered:Six times per year (alternating between Chicago and Springfield). Exam is available in Spanish version in Chicago only.
Exam Fee:$118.45
Passing Criteria:75%
Repeats:No retake or re-qualification requirements
Continuing Education:No requirement
Citizenship:No requirement
Note:Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee:
License Fee:$30.00 by examination; $45.00 by endorsement
Renewal Fee:$10.00 plus all lapsed fees not to exceed $135.00
Reinstatement Fee:Two years
License Period:Yes. Requirements which were in force in the applicant's original jurisdiction of licensure must be substantially equivalent to those then in force in Illinois, or three (3) years of lawful practice.