Occupation:Asbestos Management Planner
Agency:Department of Public Health
Job Description:An individual licensed by the department to prepare asbestos management plans pursuant to the Illinois Asbestos Abatement Act and Code for schools (kindergarten through 12th grade).
Statute:Illinois Asbestos Abatement Act, 105 ILCS 105/et. seq. seq./77 Ill. Admin. Code Sec 855.100
Type of Regulation:License
Number Regulated:187
Age:18 years or older
Education/Experience:Successful completion of IDPH-accredited inspector and management planner training courses. If the initial courses have expired, the applicant shall successfully complete IDPH-accredited inspector and management planner refresher courses and meet one of the following criteria:Submit a copy of either an Illinois Architect License, an Illinois Professional Engineer License, an Illinois Structural Engineer License, or an Illinois Industrial Hygienist License; or,Submit a copy of transcripts and evidence of completion of a bachelor's degree or higher in architecture, engineering, mathematics, or science, and meet the experience requirements of a licensed inspector; or,Submit a copy of transcripts and evidence of completion of a bachelor's degree and written verification of 2,080 hours of experience in asbestos inspections, project management, project design or other asbestos management and control activities. Submit two 1' X 1' photographs (head and shoulders only) for proper identification of the licensee. Photographs shall be original, clear, and current color pictures of the applicant with their name printed on the back.
Exam:Building Inspector, Management Planner
Exam Type:Written
Administered:At the end of the building inspector and management planner training courses
Exam Fee:Included with the cost of the training course
Passing Criteria:70% or better
Repeats:Two times
Continuing Education:Annual IDPH-accredited 1/2-day management planner and building inspector refresher courses
Citizenship:No requirement
Note:Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee:$50.00
License Fee:$15.00 duplicate license fee, $15.00 late fee
Renewal Fee:$100.00
Reinstatement Fee:One year
License Period:Out-of-state residents applying for initial licensure in Illinois may receive reciprocity by submitting USEPA or other state-accredited initial training course certificates and meeting the license requirements of Section 855.100.