Occupation:Coal Mine Worker (First Class Worker Certificate of Competency)
Agency:Department of Natural Resources
Job Description:A person who is employed to mine coal at an underground coal mine must obtain initial certification. No worker can perform work other than labor work at the face (coal extraction) of an underground coal mine without first obtaining this certificate.
Statute:The Coal Mining Act 225 ILCS 705/8.09
Type of Regulation:Certification
Number Regulated:
Age:Must be 18 years old to work in or around any mine area.
Education/Experience:One (1) year experience at face of coal mine; need only six (6) months experience in coal mine with an associate degree in coal mining technology;First Aid and Modified Mine Rescue Training Certificate issued by the State of Illinois or a valid 5000-23 form;Proof of experience letter from coal mine(s) where applicant has been employed, stating dates and job classifications held during these employment dates.
Exam:First Class Certificate of Competency
Exam Type:Oral
Exam Fee:None ($2.00 charge for duplicate face papers)
Passing Criteria:75%
Continuing Education:No requirement
Citizenship:U.S. citizen
Note:Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee:
License Fee:
Renewal Fee:
Reinstatement Fee:No expiration
License Period:No