Occupation:Chiropractor Visiting Professor
Agency:IDFPR - Division of Professional Regulation
Job Description:An individual who maintains an equivalent authorization in his/her native licensing jurisdiction during the period of the visiting professor permit to practice the treatment of human ailments without the use of drugs and without operative surgery and has received a faculty appointment to teach in a chiropractic school in Illinois.
Statute:Medical Practice Act of 1987 (Ill. Compiled Stat. 1996, par 60/1 - 60/63); and Rules for the Administration of the Medical Practice Act (68 Ill. Adm. Code 1285)
Type of Regulation:Permit
Number Regulated:0
Age:No requirement
Education/Experience:Must have a current and valid license from the jurisdiction of original licensure;Statement, signed by the dean of a program of medicine in another jurisdiction, that applicant was qualified and held professor status in program;Must submit copy of curriculum vitae; d. Dean of program of medicine must provide proof of faculty appointment, term of appointment and the nature of the educational service.
Exam:No exam required
Exam Type:
Exam Fee:
Passing Criteria:
Continuing Education:No requirement
Citizenship:No requirement
Other:Must be of good moral character
Note:Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee:$300.00
License Fee:
Renewal Fee:
Reinstatement Fee:Two years (initial permit)
License Period:No