Occupation:Child Welfare Worker (Child Welfare Agency)
Agency:Department of Children and Family Services
Job Description:Child welfare workers perform administrative duties, supervise placement of children, evaluate goals for placement, prepare progress reports, provide services to family members and siblings, recommend discharge or placement of children, and keep required records.
Statute:Rule 401: Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies
Type of Regulation:Approval for employment in a licensed child welfare agency
Number Regulated:257 licensed child welfare agencies
Age:No requirement
Education/Experience:Bachelor's degree from an accredited school
Exam:No written exam required
Exam Type:
Exam Fee:
Passing Criteria:
Continuing Education:No requirement
Citizenship:No requirement
Other:Review of qualifications through transcripts
Note:Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee:
License Fee:
Renewal Fee:
Reinstatement Fee:
License Period:No