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Illinois Employment Security Advisory Board Meeting Agenda -June 20, 2019

Illinois Employment Security Advisory Board
Video/Teleconference Meeting
June 20, 2019
10:00 A.M.

33 South State Street
9th Floor, Room N971
Chicago, IL

607 East Adams Street
9th Floor, Video Conference Room
Springfield, Illinois

1. Call to Order – Quorum Established
2. Introductions
3. Minutes from Prior Meeting
4. Director’s Comments (Tom Chan, Acting Director)
5. Integrity Update (Tom Chan/Trina Taylor)
6. Quarterly Financials Presentation (George Putnam)
• ​Unemployment Trust Fund Report
7. Open Discussion (Reminder re annual ethics training – Wilson will send email reminders to those who have not yet completed it; Fiscal Year 2020 ESAB Meeting Schedule)
8. Adjournment