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Social Engineering/Phishing - Recent cyber attacks against IDES Claimants


3/23/16 – A number of individuals with recently-filed unemployment claims have reported receiving emails or phone calls “from IDES”, or an Employment Advisory Department, requesting personal information from their credit report, use of email links to an “official” application, or with instructions to call the office that describes additional benefits or prizes for filing a timely claim.

These requests and instructions are fraudulent!  IDES DOES NOT EVER:

• ask for or accept unemployment claims by EMAIL,
• request sensitive personal information from your CREDIT REPORT,
• include links in random emails to non-IDES sites,
• call people with congratulation and special instructions to “win” your unemployment claim, special prizes, vacations, or extra benefits by filing quickly.

There are many kinds of scams. They are not always just via email, but include telephone calls, use of social media, and other kinds of online attacks.  Please remember when filing claims or doing business with IDES:  if it sounds too unusual or too good to be true, it probably is.