Vision and Mission Statement for IDES


IDES encourages economic growth and stability in Illinois by providing Employment Services to Illinois residents and employers,
analyzing and disseminating essential Labor Market Information, and administering Unemployment Insurance programs.

Mission S​tatement.

  • Connecting our talented workforce to the education, training, and jobs necessary to keep Illinois' economy strong;
  • Developing and maintaining these connections through active employer outreach and engagement with jobseekers ;
  • Providing employment services to all Illinoisans through easily accessible technology and coordinated efforts with other service providers within a statewide network of employment centers;
  • As the State employment office for Illinois businesses and workers, providing human resources solutions linking hiring businesses to qualified job seekers.

Producing, analyzing, and disseminating Labor Market Information.

  • Collecting and analyzing data covering employment and unemployment statistics, industry and occupation short and long term projections, occupational wages, and demographic characteristics of Illinois' workforce;
  • Presenting employment and unemployment data and career and occupation information to the public so that Illinoisans can make informed educational, professional, and economic development decisions;
  • Monitoring and forecasting national, statewide, and local economic trends to assist in the development of public policy.  

Ensuring that eligible individuals receive the Unemployment Insurance benefits to which they are entitled.

  • Efficiently and effectively administering these benefits ​to prevent the negative effects of economic downturns on businesses and the unemployed;
  • Protecting taxpayers against waste, fraud, and abuse by ensuring the integrity of wage reports and unemployment claims;  
  • Collecting quarterly Unemployment Insurance Act taxes in a convenient and practical manner.