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Illinois Task Force on Employment and Economic Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities

​The Illinois Task Force on Employment and Economic Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities is scheduled to meet December 8, 2016 at 4 p.m. The agenda is listed. 

Illinois Employment Security Advisory Board - Video/Teleconference Meeting December 8, 2016

​The Illinois Employment Security Advisory Board will be meeting December 8, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. This agenda conforms to the requirements of Section 2.02 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/02). Any individual planning to attend who will need an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act should notify Anna D’Ascenzo at (312) 793-1160 or (888) 340-1007 (TTY/Texnet). 

2017 UI Tax Rates for Illinois Employers

11/30/16 - ​The minimum contribution rate for 2017 is 0.550% (0% plus the 0.550% Fund Building Rate) and the maximum is 7.350% (6.800% plus the 0.550% Fund Building Rate). Only the first $12,960 of wages paid to a worker in calendar year 2017 are subject to the payment of contributions.

The 2017 State Experience Factor for unemployment insurance contributions is 106%. The State Experience Factor for 2016 was 112%. Employers’ 2017 contribution rates are computed in accordance with the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act (“the Act”).  >> More information

Employers Mark Your Calendar -
September 2017 

 IDES to Implement New Unemployment Insurance Process​

A Message from the Director​​

IDES is working with the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) to integrate the monthly wage reporting, the quarterly unemployment insurance report filing and the contribution payment process into the MyTax Illinois portal.

MyTax Illinois is the secure website used by Illinois employers and individual taxpayers to electronically file and pay more than 200 taxes and fees.  Bringing the unemployment insurance process into MyTax Illinois makes great business sense and simplifies the tax experience for both new and existing Illinois employers.   

Some of the benefits that you can expect to see will include the ability to:
  • Register your new business with IDES and IDOR in one secure location​
  • Eliminate the time you now spend completing and mailing paper reports by filing your wage reports and paying your unemployment contributions electronically
  • Make changes to your account information quickly and easily
  • Get immediate online confirmation that reports and payments have been received and processed timely
  • View IDES correspondence, account balances and other documents through a secure message center

The scheduled roll out date is September 2017.  Keep watching the IDES website for additional information.  If you have any questions, please contact the IDES Employer Hotline at 1-800-247-4984.  Thank you!

Jeff Mays, Director
Novembe​r 2016