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Report and Pay Unemployment Insurance Taxes through MyTax Illinois

Important Message from the DirectorIDES Director Jeff Mays

What is happening?

As part of the IDES modernization effort, starting on September 11, 2017, Illinois employers will be able to use MyTax Illinois to complete all their unemployment insurance (UI) tax processes. MyTax Illinois is the secure website portal, that is maintained by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) and used by Illinois employers to electronically file returns and pay taxes and fees. IDES is putting more features and functionality online to better serve all our employers’ needs.

Benefits of a IDOR & IDES Partnership

  • Improve the employer experience - one stop shop for all employer taxes
  • Create additional modernization opportunities
  • Increase the compliance and fraud efforts
  • Improve the collections process
  • Continue to drive agency cost efficiencies

You can take advantage of what MyTax Illinois can offer you

  • Register your new business with both IDOR and IDES in one location at one time; currently this is two separate processes
  • See all your tax correspondence and account balances online sooner so less waiting and less surprises
  • Get quick confirmation that reports and payments have been received/processed vs. waiting on mail
  • Clearer IDES tax letters and correspondence
  • Overall improvement of the employer experience

IDES is going to put more online

  • Request refunds online
  • Submit tax appeals electronically
  • Request penalty/interest waivers
  • Set up a deferred payment plan
  • Submit Power of Attorney relationships
  • Report zero quarterly wages
  • View your rates

We encourage you to fully utilize MyTax Illinois for all your State of Illinois tax needs. For employers, if you would like to establish your MyTax Illinois account to pay your IDOR taxes such as Withholding tax or to get ready for the September 2017 cutover, please visit the MyTax Illinois website or contact the IDOR Central Registration staff at 1-217-785-3707 for assistance. For Service Bureaus, IDES will be reaching out to you directly in early August 2017 with specific login information on how to correctly establish a MyTax Illinois Service Bureau account.

If you already have a MyTax Illinois account, starting in September 2017, you will have access to your unemployment insurance account to begin your third quarter processing.

IDES and IDOR are dedicated to improving the tax experience for employers by offering a secure, proven online system to manage your tax accounts. Please keep watching this website for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact the IDES Employer Hotline at 1-800-247-4984. Thank you!

If you are an Employer, what is changing as of September 11, 2017?​

If you are a Service Bureau, what is changing as of September 11, 2017?​

Employer Consequences of UI Program Violations

Click here to learn more about Employer Consequences (PDF) 

These violations include:
  • Personal liability of corporate officers for willfully failing to make UI payments or not submitting information and reports as required.
  • Increased employer UI taxes.
  • Penalties for late reports and interest charges for late payments.
  • Possible inspection by IDES Field Auditor.
  • Time off from work to attend mandatory appeal hearings.​