IDES - Submitting Electronic Claim Protests SIDES

Submitting Electronic Claim Protests SIDES

Submitting Electronic Claim Protests SIDES

​Submitting Electronic Claim Protests
State Informati​on Data Exchange System ​(SIDES)

 A Solution

SIDES is a free electronic system that uses a nationally standardized format to allow employers to easily respond to UI Notice of Claims ​information requests, attach documentation when needed, and receive a date-stamped confirmation of receipt.​ 

If you would like to receive or respond to UI information requests electronically, please enroll for SIDES using MyTax Illinois.​ 
For assistance please call 800-247-4984.


Why should I consider SIDES?

The SIDES website provides an easy, efficient and secure way to electronically respond to UI Notice of Claims information requests from IDES.​
  • Eliminates delays related to paper mail delivery;
  • Allows more time to gather information and respond
  • Ensures more complete information is provided through standard validations and business rules;
  • Reduces time-consuming follow-up telephone calls;
  • Keeps UI tax rates lower by reducing improper payments.​

 Potential Cost Savings

SIDES also addresses two of the largest causes of UI overpayments;
1. Incorrect initial eligibility decisions (job separation issues) and
2. Working while receiving UI benefits
Additional information is available at the Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange (SIDES).​