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IDES Newsletter for Employers

IDES Newsletter for Employers

Employer Newsletter

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is focused on three main priorities: to turn the IDES into the state's employment office; improving our customer service; and cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse.  Get the latest on IDES information and initiatives through our monthly newsletter. 

July 2016 Newsletter​

  • Employment Service Registration Requirement​
  • Unemployment Insurance Integrity​
  • GenTax​
  • Enterprise Resource Program​
  • Overpayment and Tracking System 
  • Service Delivery
  • IDES receives “State Agency of the Year” Award from the Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities (ICED)​

June 2015 Newsletter​

  • Employers with 25 or more employees required to file quarterly - and monthly - wage reports effecti​ve July 1, 2015
  • Relief for Eligible Employers from Penalties and Interest in Wage Reporting
  • If You Are Looking for a Job or Need a Qualified Employee, IDES is Your One-Stop Shop
  • Increasing System Integrity​
  • Local Area Unemployment Statistics - 2015 Redesign

January 2015 Newsletter:

  • Relief from Penalties and Interest?
  • Bright Start and Bright Directions
  • New Year, New Opportunities
  • Alliance for Regional Development
  • 1099 Form Needed for Tax Returns
  • Set for Success
  • Username and Password​

December 2014 Newsletter:​

  • Check that Address and Telephone Number
  • Lower Tax Rates
  • Investing in Our Workforce System
  • Sign up for 1099G Tax Form
  • College Illinois!
  • Federal Contractor Opportunities
  • Health Insurance
  • Invest in America
  • Follow the Money
  • When Improper Does Not Mean Fraud
  • Help Wanted
  • 11 Things the U. S. Labor Department Does for Veterans​
  • You're Hired

August 2014 Newsletter:​

  • Working Together
  • Who Trains Workers?
  • Highway Construction Careers
  • Required Monthly Wage Reporting
  • “Ban the Box” Becomes Law
  • Plan for College or Training Is a Plan to Work
  • Health Coverage

July 2014 Newsletter:​

  • ​A Plan Forward
  • Job Training
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Cell Phone vs. Land Line

June 2014 Newsletter:​

  • Illinois' Workforce System
  • Join the Discussion
  • Debit Card Fraud
  • IDES Stops $9.1 Million Employer Fraud Scheme
  • Open for Business
  • High School Graduates and

May 2014 Newsletter:​

  • Employers a Key Partner in Fighting Fraud, Helping Workers
  • Post on Link to Your Website
  • Fax Numbers Have Changed
  • IDES Website is Mobile Ready
  • Tax Credits Help Employers, Workers
  • Did You Know...​
  • New Rules for Federal Contractors
  • IDES Helps Build Resumes​
  • Small Businesses Must File Reports Electronically
  • Fax Numbers Will Change
  • Learning How to Work​

March 2014 Newsletter:

  • Summer Hiring
  • You're Hired
  • Online New Hire Reporting
  • Get Covered Illinois
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...

February 2014 Newsletter:

  • Electronic Reporting
  • A Tool to Help You Find Work
  • More Employers Paying Their Share
  • Get Covered Illinois
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...

January 2014 Newsletter

  • Ending Strong
  • Affordable Care Enrollment
  • Wage Surveys
  • Work Search Audit
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...​ 

December 2013 Newsletter

  • Building the Employment Office
  • SIDES Success
  • Why Your Hiring Starts in School
  • Info to Help You Grow
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...​

November 2013 Newsletter

  • Tax Notices
  • Job Training for Students and Adults
  • WOTC Tax Credit
  • Protecting Workers And Employers
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...

October 2013 Newsletter

  • Lower Taxes for Most Businesses in 2014
  • Veterans' Business Program to Help Veterans
  • Affordable Care Act Enrollment
  • Building a Better Workforce
  • Did You Know...
  • Words to the Wise...

September 2013 Newsletter

  • Leveling the Field
  • Don't Get Penalized, File Your Wage Report
  • Did You Know...
  • Fax Numbers To Change
  • Feds Choose IDES to Help Veterans

August 2013 Newsletter

  • Improving Economy
  • TaxNet, SIDES, Monthly Reporting and Zero Wages
  • Did You Know...
  • Words To the Wise

July 2013 Newsletter

  • TaxNet, SIDES and Monthly Reporting
  • Hire a Hero
  • Getting Back to Work
  • Did You Know...
  • Words To the Wise

June 2013 Newsletter

  • SIDES E-Response Launches June 28 - Contest UI Claims Electronically
  • Creating a TaxNet Account - A Few Simple Steps Today to Save Money for Years
  • Misclassification Hurts Workers
  • Did You Know...
  • Words To the Wise

May 2013 Newsletter

  • $38 Million Recovered from Unemployment Cheats; Two-Year Total More Than $82 Million
  • File Your Reports Electronically
  • Zero Wage Report? Call (800) 793-6860
  • is Getting Better
  • Did You Know…
  • Words To the Wise

April 2013 Newsletter

  • It's Not a Job Fair, It's a Hiring Event
  • The Affordable Care Act: Jobs and Health Insurance
  • Patience, Please
  • Telephone Changes
  • If you Cheated the IDES, We'll Talk with the IRS
  • Did You Know… 
  • Words To the Wise 

March 2013 Newsletter

  • New Monthly Report To Fight Fraud, Abuse - Save You Money 
  • Don't Cheat - It Costs Everyone And It's Not Worth It 
  • Did You Know… 
  • Help Us Protect Your Money and Fight Fraud 
  • Words To the Wise 

February 2013 Newsletter

  • EITC - Can this Tax Credit Help You?
  • IDES is Federally Funded
  • March 21, Hiring our Heroes Veteran Job Fair
  • Are You Ready For SIDES? New Program to Save Time, Money
  • Job Seeker? Employer? Both Should be at

January 2013 Newsletter

  • Were You on EUC? You Still Might Be - Congress Extended the Date
  • IDES and Vets - Helping Our Heroes
  • Doing Your Taxes?
  • Did you Collect Unemployment Insurance? Do you Owe IDES Money?
  • Protect Your Business From Higher Taxes

December 2012 Newsletter 

  • Federal Emergency Unemployment Ends in December
  • Take Control of Tax Season - Order Your 1099G online
  • The Chicagoland Veterans Exchange - Another Place To Help Veterans
  • Work Smarter, Save Money, Use SIDES
  • Starting a Small Business? Don't Forget These Critical Tools

November 2012 Newsletter

  • Illinois Hires Heroes Helps Business Owners And Our Vets
  • Hire-A-Veteran Month Exceeds Expectations, Success
  • IDES' Business Employment Team Is Your No-Cost HR Recruiting Team (877) 342-7533
  • Watch the Federal Budget When Using IDES Services

October 2012 Newsletter

  • Looking for Work? Or for a Worker?
  • Are you a Veteran? Looking to Hire One?
  • Go On-line And be On-time
  • The Business of Business: What am I Missing?
Note: the information in these newsletters is subject to change at any time.