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Looking for Work? Or Hiring? 

Do you know someone looking for a summer job? A recent college graduate? An adult looking for work?
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The state's hiring board is managed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security and features more than 150,000 help-wanted ads across the state.

In fact, a job seeker can post multiple resumes to emphasize different skills. For example, an individual who started on a crew and worked their way up to supervisor might have two resumes - one emphasizing skills needed for the crew work and a second emphasizing their supervisory experience.

When building a resume, it is important to use words that are specific to an industry or that frequently are included in a help-wanted ad. This makes it more likely that a hiring manager will notice your work. The key-word matching technology available at allows employers to quickly search resumes for the specific skills they need. Many employers use similar technology when evaluating job applications accepted at their websites.. 

After applying for a job, make sure to identify the hiring manager or hiring unit. Contact the person or group so that you can personally express your interest. Be polite and respectful. Before going into a job interview, prepare to explain how your skills match the job opening. Do your homework and understand the industry, the company's role in that field and the company's role in the neighborhood. Employers are disappointed when speaking to a candidate who does not know the basic history of a company and cannot explain how he or she will help the company succeed.

Employers who work directly with also can leverage IDES' no-cost HR recruitment services. For example, last year IDES identified more than $185.3 million in federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits available to employers who hired specific job seekers. These businesses, especially small- and mid-size employers, would have overlooked many of these incentives had they not used IDES to fill their job opening.

The Department of Employment Services is an employment center. Yes, we manage unemployment insurance benefits and conduct economic analysis. At the end of the day, however, we connect people ready to work with employers ready to hire.

If you are ready to work or ready to hire, visit today.
Jay Rowell, Director
Illinois Department of Employment Security 

Find success. Find that new career. Go to today.​


​Customer Service

IDES Website is Mobile Ready 

The IDES website now is easier to use on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
A website upgrade now allows content to automatically size to a user's mobile device. This makes using the website much easier, especially for those who are not comfortable with computer and internet technology.

The updates were needed because the website has evolved into a critical tool for employers and employees. In the past year, more than 4.4 million individuals used the site to manage unemployment benefits, research job opportunities or find information to help a business grow.

One of IDES' best assets is is the state's help-wanted board on the internet and is managed by IDES. The website features more than 150,000 job openings and 75,000 resumes. It is a critical tool for individuals looking for work and employers looking for their next hire. one of the most visible ways IDES helps our economy. Workers can use the website to build a resume and apply for work. Employers can use word-search technology to find the right candidate. IDES employees also will help employers identify if they are eligible for any tax incentives.

There are other benefits for workers and employers. Workers can help meet unemployment insurance eligibility requirements when they use to search for work. Employers can meet some federal and state recruitment requirements when they who post job openings on the website.​


Tax Credits Help Employers, Workers

IDES helped Illinois employers qualify for more than $185.3 million in federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits last year. These credits helped more than 82,000 people go to work. 

Helping employers identify tax incentives when making hiring decisions is part of IDES' role to put people back to work and grow the Illinois economy.​ 

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit - WOTC - rewards employers who hire individuals from groups that traditionally have a difficult time getting a job, such as the formerly incarcerated, developmentally disabled, food stamp recipients, Veterans and others. Encouraging employers to hire these individuals helps break the cycle of joblessness and saves taxpayer money because employment will lessen the need for other public assistance programs. 

WOTC improves an employer's bottom line and offers a hand up to those who want to better themselves. Employers have a 28-day window to qualify for WOTC once the person starts work. Forms and details are available at here or here.​


Don't Pay to File for Unemployment

You do not have to pay someone to help you file for unemployment insurance. 

IDES occasionally hears stories about individuals who pay people to help them apply for benefits or certify for benefits. That is not necessary.

The information that is needed is very basic. Unemployment insurance applications can be made at Questions about the application process or a current or pending claim can be answered at the IDES website and at (800) 244-5631. The telephone call is free.

Did You Know...

... That Illinois employers advertised for more than 207,000 jobs in April? Eighty-five percent of the help-wanted ads were for full-time work.​
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