IDES - Monthly Wage Reporting

Monthly Wage Reporting

Monthly Wage Reporting

​​Monthly Wage Reporting


The Medicaid Reform "SMART" Act was designed to root out waste, fraud and abuse in the State's Medicaid program.  It requires monthly wage reports from employers who are required to submit their contribution and wage reports electronically.  ​​

Effective July 2014

Pursuant to Public Act 97-0689, employers with a cumulative total of 25 or more employees in the prior calendar year are required to submit monthly wage reports electronically.  ​Employers will continue to submit quarterly contribution and wage reports, and submit eight additional monthly wage reports.​
*Please note that failure to file your employer’s monthly wage report electronically, will result in the assessment of a penalty.

​​icon_current.jpg Phase in Period

Effective Dates (based on # of Employees)

250 or more - January 2013
100 - 249 - July 2013
50 - 99 - January 2014
25 - 49 - July 2014​

Using TaxNet

Monthly wage filing must be done via TaxNet, the Department's online tax filing / wage reporting application.  Employers that are already registered on TaxNet can file using their existing TaxNet account.
Recommended Browser: The TaxNet web application is best viewed with Internet Explorer 
TaxNet will only accept a comma separated (.csv) plain ASCII text format file for the monthly wage report. A file can contain a single employer or multiple employers.

Please note: There will NOT be a manual entry option for the monthly wage reports.​

File Format Guide

More information and the electronic file format specifications can be found in the File Format Guide For Monthly Wage Reporting (pdf)
Call the IDES TaxNet Hotline, toll free at (800) 247-4984 for TaxNet related questions, or contact IDES in writing.​