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Fidelity Bonding

Fidelity Bonding

Fidelity Bonding

Fidelity Bonding protects employers against employee dishonesty, theft or embezzlement.  A fidelity bond is no-cost insurance coverage that enables employers to hire job applicants considered to be "at risk" due to their past life experiences.


Fidelity bonding assistance is available to people who have a firm offer for full-time work and any of the following backgrounds: 
  • limited work history
  • poor credit history
  • a record of arrest, conviction or imprisonment
  • a dishonorable military discharge​​
  • Federal Bonding program overview​ (PowerPoint)

 Request Fidelity Bonding

  1. Employers request fidelity bonding by calling the State Bonding Coordinator or use the IDES Office Locator to find an office nearest you.
  2. If an applicant meets eligibility criteria, bonding becomes effective immediately following certification and on the applicant's first day of work.
  3. Upon certification, the coverage provider mails the bond directly to the employer.​​
  4. Get Fidelity Bond Certification form​

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