News and Announcements - IDES Leads Statewide SIDES Workshop

News and Announcements : IDES Leads Statewide SIDES Workshop

IDES Leads Statewide SIDES Workshop

combinedSIDES.png​4/26/18 - On Wednesday, April 25, IDES hosted 50 representatives from more than 30 state agencies, commissions and universities in Springfield.

John Stegner, statewide claims manager for IDES, led a claims workshop for the agencies and informed them on how to use the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES). This is the electronic platform for processing unemployment claims to provide notice to employers of a claim against them and it allows them either accept the unemployment insurance (UI) claim.

"We had a great deal of feedback and a lot a good questions pertaining to cases (the agencies) had," Stegner said. "I enjoy the interaction with the other agencies. We all need to work together."

SIDES is a major IDES initiative as the agency's business services representatives are canvassing the state to let public and private employers know they can use SIDES rather than processing their UI claims on paper. This saves time, money and resources for businesses, as well as for the state. 

IDES worked with Governor Bruce Rauner's office to coordinate the workshop. 

"We have nearly 330,000 employers in Illinois and, of course, the state is one of those employers," said IDES Director Jeff Mays. "As we are encouraging private businesses to use SIDES,  state agencies have to embrace the technology as well. I appreciate the governor's support on this." 

This is the first of many workshops IDES is hosting to get agencies and other institutions up to speed on the changes in UI law and how IDES implements those changes.