News and Announcements - More Than 208,400 Job Openings Online in...

News and Announcements : More Than 208,400 Job Openings Online in January

More Than 208,400 Job Openings Online in January

​Median Earnings Between $10 and $48 an Hour

Local Data Available Below

CHICAGO - Employers in January advertised online for more than 208,400 individual job openings, according to the Conference Board and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). Eight-five percent of the advertisements were for full-time work.

The advertising reflects help-wanted activity for newly created and replacement positions. The actual number of openings exceeds 208,400 because some industries, such as construction, do not typically advertise online.

"This independent report shows well paying career opportunities are abundant in our state," IDES Director Jay Rowell said. "We know that educational attainment is the best predictor of employability. The most-often advertised jobs in January represent careers attainable through job training and college degrees."

Statewide, the five top advertised positions in January were truck drivers (7,014), registered nurses, (5,869), retail salespersons (4,644), marketing managers (4,181) and first-line supervisors of retail sales workers (4,145). The median hourly wage for a truck driver is $20.57; registered nurse, $31.34; retail salesperson, $9.85; marketing managers, $48.78; and first-line supervisors of retail salesperson, $17.03. Typically, the positions include some benefits, such as health insurance, vacation and sick days.

Included in the data are more than 130,000 positions advertised on IDES operates the state's hiring board. Job seekers can build multiple resumes to emphasize different skills and experiences. Business owners can use keyword matching technology to search resumes and find the best candidate. is free for workers and employers. It compares favorably to private efforts that cost hundreds of dollars. No-cost HR recruitment services are available at the website and at (877) 342-7533.

Using to apply for jobs or record other work search efforts can ensure on-going eligibility for current and future unemployment insurance benefits.

The Conference Board collects the Help Wanted Online data. The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association. The data measures new, first-time online jobs and jobs reposted from the previous month on internet job boards, corporate boards and smaller, niche websites.

HWOL Data for Economic Development Regions - January 2014 (pdf)