​​Where Workers Work

Where Workers Work features basic private sector employment totals for six northeastern Illinois counties, major communities in each of these counties, and ZIP codes within the City of Chicago.

The Where Workers Work data tables have been produced using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Where Workers Work utilizes administrative data collected under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act. The Act requires employers to report their employment, and this information becomes part of the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages database (ES-202) on which Where Workers Work is based. The Act does not require employers to report their employment by individual work locations. However, data in Where Workers Work do, wherever possible, reflect actual worksites of work locations. It should be noted that specific community data may be impacted to a significant extent by employer reporting inconsistencies.

QCEW data are not designed as a time series. QCEW data are simply the sums of individual establishment records and reflect the number of establishments that exist in a county or industry at a point in time. Establishments can move in or out of a county or industry for a number of reasons--some reflecting economic events, others reflecting administrative changes. For example, economic change would come from a firm relocating into the county; administrative change would come from a company correcting its county designation.

Where Workers Work Data (2001-2016)