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Physical Therapist Assistant

Occupation Physical Therapist Assistant
Agency IDFPR - Division of Professional Regulation
Phone 217.782.8556
Job Description An individual licensed to assist and work under the supervision of a physical therapist in implementing patients' physical therapy treatment programs as established by the licensed physical therapist. Patient care activities provided by the physical therapy assistant do not include interpretation of referrals, evaluation procedures, planning of or major modifications of patient programs.
Statute The Illinois Physical Therapy Act (225 ILCS 1996 90/1 - 90/36, Inclusive); 68 Ill Adm. Code 1340
Type of Regulation License
Number Regulated 3,672
Age 18
Education/Experience Graduate of a two (2) year college level physical therapist assistant program approved by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (DPR).
Exam Physical Therapist Assistant Exam. Exam given by the Continental Testing Services, Inc.; 547 South LaGrange Road; LaGrange, IL 60525; (708) 354-9911.
Exam Type Computerized
Administered Anytime based on applicant's request
Exam Fee $348.40
Passing Criteria 600
Repeats Yes, unlimited. However, failing the exam three times requires proof of remedial work before being allowed to sit for another exam.
Continuing Education No requirement
Citizenship No requirement
Note Licensure requirements, licensure fees, examination fees and exam administration are subject to change.
Application Fee NA
License Fee $100.00 by examination; $100.00 by endorsement
Renewal Fee $60.00 every two years
Reinstatement Fee $20.00 plus all lapsed renewal fees
License Period Two years (All licenses expire September 30 of even numbered years.)
Reciprocity/Endorsement Yes.
  1. Currently licensed as a physical therapist assistant in another state;
  2. At least 18 years of age;
  3. Of good moral character;
  4. Successfully complete an approved physical therapist assistant program; 
  5. Submit certification of licensure from the state of original licensure and the state of most recent active practice;
  6. Exam scores must be reported directly to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation by the testing entity;
  7. Have met substantially equivalent requirements at the time of applicant's original licensure as were in effect in Illinois on that date;
  8. Must submit work history indicating all employment since graduation from physical therapist assistant program to the time application is made.